What’s Really Going on?

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The intention of this community is to wake people up. Red pill and
disconnect from the bullshit matrix that you are being consumed by,
blinded by and lied to. We are all distracted with the latest pop star,
movie or sports event, please ignore these distractions and look for
what is kept quite, not that which is overtly broadcast. Turn off the
television, they call it programming for a reason.

This page covers topics that seem crazy but are all verifiable mostly through declassified
documents, or looking at the world around you: Also, please note some
of the content will be up to you to decide the fluff from the realities
and possibilities, this is a jumping off point and I encourage you to
see how far the rabbit hole goes with your own research.

It may all seem doom and gloom but we will also cover what you can do,
cryptocurrencies and taking control of your own freedom, even if that is
just arming yourself with knowledge.

Please also join the open conversation on Discord:


Agenda 21
Agenda 2030
Ancient Bloodlines
New World Order
Secret Societies
United Nations
Treaty of Paris
Albert Pike
Money and media manipulation
Advanced Ancient Civilizations and Technology
Artificial Intelligence

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