Hi to all my friends that will read this post how …

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Hi to all my friends that will read this post how are ye tonite?. This one is one of my most important posts i will post. So Share this post. So this post mostly aimed at my Irish friends. So on Saturday 15 December frist ever Yellow Vest in Ireland had it’s protest. When I first heard of this said great it’s about time the Irish stood up against our corrupt government and European Union as lot of ye know i have on going personal offline issues so i cant go these things etc so i looked live stream of the frist protest what i noticed was 1. the people that where leading and speaking also their 15 Demands now up to 18 what are they 1. We demand, Citizens initiated Referenda similar to Switzerland now some of these guys go on and on and on about the 1922 free state constitution and really where still under it and they make oath to king and his descendants etc but they want bring back said Article from the free state constitution was written in westminister. Here is the they want to bring back Article 48.

The Oireachtas may provide for the Initiation by the people of proposals for laws or constitutional amendments. Should the Oireachtas fail to make such provision within two years, it shall on the petition of not less than seventy five thousand voters on the register, of whom not more than fifteen thousand shall be voters in any one constituency, either make such provisions or submit the question to the people for decision in accordance with the ordinary regulations governing the Referendum. Any legislation passed by the Oireachtas providing for such Initiation by the people shall provide (1) that such proposals may be initiated on a petition of fifty thousand voters on the register, (2) that if the Oireachtas rejects a proposal so initiated it shall be submitted to the people for decision in accordance with the ordinary regulations governing the Referendum; and (3) that if the Oireachtas enacts a proposal so initiated, such enactment shall be subject to the provisions respecting ordinary legislation or amendments of the Constitution as the case may be.
We cant bring that back because there be referendums every week and now we have 1000000000s non irish all wating stuff from them selfs that would effect us irish and our children for centuries. So for ye people believe that irish politicians still take oath to king and his descendants have read of the Constitution (Removal of Oath) Act, 1933 also Republic of Ireland Act 1948 taken full power away from westminister and the crown. The Commonwealth

At the time the Act came into force, a requirement for a country’s membership of the British Commonwealth was that the state retain the same monarch as the other members. The view of the Irish Taoiseach whose government brought in the Act was that Ireland did not have a King and had not been a member of the Commonwealth since 1936. His Government’s view was that Ireland was already a republic and that the Act would not create a republic but rather achieve a “clarification of [Ireland’s] constitutional status. These views were shared by the Irish opposition leader of the time. Indeed, Irish leaders had on several previous occasions declared that Ireland was a republic and not a Commonwealth member, but that it was associated with the Commonwealth.

The Irish view of things was not shared by the other members of the Commonwealth. Until Ireland brought the Act into force, it was still regarded by the members of the Commonwealth as a member. When Ireland adopted its 1937 Constitution, which made no reference to the King, the United Kingdom Government announced that it and the other Commonwealth Governments were “[still] prepared to treat…Ireland, as a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations After all, in their view, the King was still empowered by Ireland to fulfill certain functions as Ireland’s statutory agent under the External Relations Act 1936. With that Irish Act now being repealed, there was no longer any basis to consider Ireland as continuing to have a King or to be within the Commonwealth. In their view, Ireland had now declared itself a republic for the first time bringing its membership of the Commonwealth to an end. So England only owns northen ireland. The european union empire have full rule ireland we should be highlighting that but the real blame on corrupt government and European Union. 2nd was that on first protest gangs break into the bank, that is inciting violence and we will not win that way we loss and all freedons will be taken away. 2. Immediate halt on all evictions and cameras allowed in all civil courts.

3. We demand that Leo Varadkar declare a General Election & resign.

4. Cervical Cancer HSE staff responsible fired & Simon Harris resign.

5. Constitutional protection of Irelands water from privatisation.

6. Medicinal Cannabis legalised immediately.

7. Prohibition on TDs from being housing Landlords or beneficiaries.

8. Return Irelands Oil & Gas reserves to public ownership.

9. An effective means to Remove corrupt Gardai, civil servants & judges.

10. Immediate distribution of Food/fuel vouchers for people going hungry and cold.

11. Cap rent per bedroom to 400 Euros per month.

12. Abolishment of the TV Licence.

13. Enforce full corporate tax rate on multinationals and collect revenues owed.

14. A Raise in minimum wage to actual living costs.

15. Abolish household charge and property tax.

Other Demands

16. Abolish Vulture Funds.

17. Mortgage debt write off for all family homes similar to what Iceland did.

18. Public banking prioritised over private Banking greed.

Noting about prolife and stoping the murder of Irish babies, noting about illegal economic migrants and the non Irish crimes happening on daily bases, noting about deal with the un migration pact and open borders. So today Yellow Vest in Ireland are attacking gemma o’doherty and claims she does not name politicians and guards, judges etc when if look at all her social medias ye will see she names all the politicians and guards, judges etc. Ya just saw nearly on all the yellow vest pages on facebook i will posting about it on my facebook time shine truth on the disinfo agents, shills. I dont know if guy wrote his own script or if some else wrote it because either way he could not even read it so he is fool also he called are great gemma that really fighting for me and you and everybody else and is true irish patriot a government agent these people always project what they are really. Also notice they did not call her by name because they know they lieing about her and she could bring them court. Here is the video https://www.facebook.com/269250170606171/videos/2352500844966305/?__xts__[0]=68.ARDnzZBv8_X8BNo416pxdpcI9q4vyX9s6nrgaypLcbqUTBuw2xs3vqKtKZU1_DGJo9SjagsM5XRFR4K1yW6UJ0YfcS694EsNvZom-QHXj6Y_nzzihjoPPqhL0A_KCDpdYB_m7uqOaxEk8RXIxgNvI8sUbSmnQNYToyNF9h2a2koYgemMr3KzPAWz7dZ5yQZ3sKV2SjUyDwP9bV11dLookAOcPIUlvv9wPSnBXk8bK17_RNNjq9mPIAFKOIBPOk4e7d_qkg5QdT0DAAnJd2Wmlme6Jjepib15EQpF4UJ1Pk-xDA68o6kW-TtwNv2kLOwjXnwCNMFNqqOtzMidhBrcL-PaTH-pruzFD2mOMA&__tn__=-R To all my friends ye know i was one the very frist to stand up for gemma in European elections when people put out lies saying she was pro choice and I put real evidence showing she was prolife all the time. I have huge plans when sort my personal offline issues so please keep them in your prayers. God bless Séamus.

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